Keith Ellison, Because Identity Politics Bro


(Ellison finding wisdom from the plagiarized teachings of an illiterate 7th century desert dweller that took sexual concubines and married a 6-year-old.)

It is beyond stupid to elevate Keith Ellison to the position of DNC Chairman. Ellison has had a long relationship with anti-Semitic organizations such as the Nation of Islam and CAIR, and he is himself a Muslim convert. As an Atheist, or otherwise, person living in the 21st century, I  have no respect for a persons religious proclivities, but I can at least understand them when a particular person is born into a particular faith.

With that, I think it is necessary to ask religious people, particularly converts, what convinced them. Nonbelievers seem to be fine about criticizing Christians with regard to their faith, but at the same time have no curiosity concerning Islam, or moreover, Islamic converts whose faith is entirely antithetical to their principals (#ISLAMOPHOBIA). This is particularly troubling in that nonbelievers specifically should be the most curious.

I think that the DNC should look to the UK, and what has happened to the Labour Party in order to avoid similar mistakes

Placing a religious loon like Ellison at the head of the DNC is not just an affront to common sense, its kerosene for the flames of the identity driven narrative the progressive movement seems ready to bask.

And for you leftist here is Alan Dershowitz explaining why Ellison is such a dangerous choice.

Below is expert Bill Warner, who has concluded that 51% of Islamic Doctrine concerns non believers, or the Kafir.

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