Black Lives Matter

A lot has been made of the Black Lives Matter movement by prominent media outlets. Despite the coverage, I still remain confused about what their agenda seems to be, and goals they wish to accomplish. At Oxford Union, the most prominent figures of this leaderless organization were invited to speak on this issue. Please watch, and if you can discern what about this group is either convincing or compelling. Above all: What is your goal?

Also if you want to turn this into a drinking game, drink according to the following guidelines.

  1. A panelist says “White Supremacy”.
  2. Reference to slavery.
  3. A wheel-chaired black man with dreadlocks appears at the bottom of your screen, thus reinforcing submission to the earned elitism we must afford all universities and academics. And if you have any problem with this virtue signaling, please check your privileged you fucking bigot.
  4. A standing ovation occurs for an indiscernible point made by one of the panelist.
  5. Any negative reference towards straight, white men.
  6. Any time you see an audience member or panelist appear punchable.
  7. Any time you feel that you are witnessing an echo chamber. (Link to entire conversation)
  8. Drink any time you consider how little statistical evidence is needed to speak at Oxford.
  9. Any time you hear someone describing what is supposed to be concrete evidence of systemic racism in 2017, but, you are still confused, or unconvinced.
  10. Any time you see the last person on earth you would want to be trapped in an elevator with. This lady will be wearing a leather jacket without her arms in the sleeves while gesticulating in a way that highlights a necklace which reassures you this is someone who should be taken seriously.
  11. Any time you think to yourself, “Maybe I could go to Oxford” then realize that the answer is “Nah” and that you’re probably not dumb enough. This is especially true for anyone who has held a proper job. Former and current job holders will know how incredibly shaming such a pathetic question about Zayn Malik preforming at an Afro Caribbean Festival would appear around their fellow laborers and would save themselves from the humiliation. This should be a double drink as far as I’m concerned as his pretentiousness also scores on punchability (Rule 6), which should be obvious upon realizing his complaint revolved around a Pakistani Brit, highlighting how ready these leftist are to put everything on scale with regard to identity. Also at this time take another shot if you if you want to watch the insanity that has plagued the left eat itself.

Suicide Round

  1. Realize that a total word salad can evoke applause.
  2. Drink again if you are either confused about the progressive agenda, or you are white and you realize you are no longer welcome (Unless you are trans, handicapped, or have posted several Ta Neshi Coates articles on your Facebook).
  3. Vomit upon realizing that Black Lives Matter is goalless organization, hellbent on racial division.

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