Philly’s Favorite Neo Nazi


In what is perhaps the most interesting story in the history of baseball, the Philadelphia Phillies have recently fired their ballparks beloved pistachio girl, Emily Youcis. The cheerful vendor had gained a cult following over her 6 years of employment at the stadium, most notably for the comedic way in which she marketed her snacks. At the time of her termination, the aspiring animator was also a known participant in the cities local art scene, noted for her work as both a painter and a vocalist in a screamo band.

Beyond her less than accommodating views regarding non-white individuals (Jews Included), Youcis gives off the typical vibe of a struggling artist. The type of person possibly consumed by student loans, who wouldn’t appear out of place at Occupy Wall St. rally, or going door to door for Bernie Sanders. But these assumptions would be false, as a recent transformation in Youcis’s outlook has since aligned her with an entirely different type of crowd.

As she recounts it this change occurred after recently consuming the metaphorical “Red Pill” of the Alt-Right, which evoked an almost spiritual moment of awakening. Getting “pilled” as they put it, seems to be a sort of Neo-Fascistic awakening, inspired by ones profound connection to white European identitarianism at the heart of the white nationalist movement led by Richard Spencer. Youcis, for her part, is much more open about her more deplorable views, forgoing any attempt to veil her Neo-Nazi sympathies. In a variety of interviews available on youtube she makes no mistake with regards to voicing her concern over the “JQ,” or Jewish Question, while making the usual calls for a white ethnostate which can only be achieved through ethnic cleansing. This a stark contrast in comparison to Spencer who seems intent to describe his vision for the Alt Right as merely another just another form of identity politics, albeit this time for “White Americans of European decent.”

Despite her otherwise conventional Neo-Nazi views, Youcis is emblematic of the new face one should now expect from the white supremacist movement. A rebranding of sorts away from the American History X archetype, into a new hipster, styled future that hopes to Make Hate Great Again.

(Emily Youcis participating at the infamous NPI conference in Washington DC.)

A final observation about the NPI Conference:

To all you lunatics and SJWS on the left,

Please understand that the behavior demonstrated in the video above, and other acts like it, only serve to fuel support for movements such as the Alt Right. It was utterly disgusting to observe the lack of ideological engagement against Emily Youcis and her fellow White Identitarians. Aside from just the nonsensical temper tantrums on college campuses, the left has gotten a total pass with regards to real violence against those they disagree with. More disgustingly this violence and censorship has been perpetrated against many who would otherwise find far more ideological commonality with Leftists than they ever would share with the Alt Right fringe.

All the best,




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