Cuban Refugee Brutally Assualts Rabbi

In a fight that should have never been made, on a card that warranted mockery, Cuban Refugee Erislandy Lara, mocked and brutalized Brooklyn Rabbi Yuri Foreman. Lara to his credit, but mostly to his demise, is an incredible boxer. He so skilled at boxing, that in a pay for play blood sport, he has twice been screwed due to his style. In a sense Cubans dance and don’t go to war. And who can blame them, people die in war, while skilled salsaing men often go home with buxom beauties.

Build up to this fight had unanimous declared the card raw sewage. Here is ESPN’s top boxing commentators thoughts on the card

The knock out occurred at 1:47 of the forth round on via a beautiful uppercut delivered by Lara. Foreman attempted valiantly to stand but the fight was waved off.

After the fight Foreman, who has spent the past 6 years of his life training to become a Rabbi had this to say “Of course I’m disappointed, but this is boxing, I got caught with a perfect punch and that’s what happens. I tried very hard to shake it off, but he got me.”

Lara on the other side made attempts to call out fighters across the world. “I just want to fight the best in the world, I’m tired of mentioning names, they know who they are: Andrade,  Golovkin, Canelo , the best. We want to fight the best.”

This the struggle for Cuban fighters, their style is not crowd pleasing and they have yet gain the cultural backing necessary to warrant major Pay Per View fights. Lara, who in my opinion has already beaten Canelo is forced to constantly cry out for fights that will likely never happen.

Funniest Tweets of the night.

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