I am from Chapel Hill, North Carolina and am currently studying Homeland Security at Virginia Commonwealth University.

I am a very complex individual. I served five years in the US Army stationed at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas. I am passionate about traveling and understanding diverse cultures. Before enlisting, I spent four months traveling to various countries with a backpack, saved money from working at a Korean restaurant, and determination.

I traveled to Chile, where I met a lady in the mountains and learned how to cook Chilean food. I traveled to Israel and fell in love. I traveled to Prague, where I met my mom and finally got to stay in a hotel. I traveled to Budapest and Vienna and marched the death march. I traveled to Italy and had to learn to drive manual going down a hill with a drunk man next to me. I traveled to Croatia and drank too much. But of all my travels, I found my heart in Bosnia. I have now been to Bosnia four times and am very passionate about the culture, distress, and community that is provides.

Whatever I find interesting, I find compassion in it. Which is what led me to boxing. I am a very complex individual.

This blog is mostly about boxing. Mad Boxing. I am Breck and this is my mad box.


My mom wrote this bio.