Jermall Charlo Vs. Julian Williams

Saturday’s fight between Jermall Charlo and Julian Williams was built as a highly competitive matchup between two competitors primed to challenge for supremacy among the pseudo division currently dominated by Canelo Alvarez. As the bookmakers had it Williams was a slight favorite, and the late money followed this trend. The fight however, did not follow suite, with Williams being dramatically KO’ed in an otherwise competitive contest. One should think of Amir Khan, when imagining the seamless shift between awe-inspiring combinations and utter vulnerability.

As is typical of most great match-ups, Charlo and Williams demonstrated a palpable level mutual disdain for each other. Observers of online trash talk will know that Williams has gained a reputation in the division for consistently sniping his fellow 154 lbs. travelers. This tactic can be highly effective, particularly for a fighter such as Williams, who are forced to take lead in their own branding. What is also clear is that Williams slights were greatly effective in penetrating Charlo’s psyche, to the point they continued to linger even after the match had concluded. Eventually seen by Charlo’s refusal to shake Williams hand after winning via a brutal and beautiful 5th round KO.

This lack of sportsmanship was not missed by the crowd, whom instinctively returned a chorus of boos that initially seemed to energize the flexing Charlo as he made his way to each corner of the ring yelling from the ropes “Whose the fuckin’ champ now”. Watching from my home it was so refreshing to witness boxer double down on villainy, and cherish the role of heel that is utterly missing in the post Mayweather era.

But all of this was ruined the moment he started to walk it back with Jim Gray.

It is my opinion that Charlo, and fighters of his ilk, should have never apologize; There can only be so many happy go lucky Manny Pacquiaos in a generation. I say this because apologies, particularly when they are insincere, or uttered from a guy whose chest tattoo reads “Lions Only”, are in essence a pathetic acquiesce to the increasingly stupid fan mentality that athletes owe viewers some patronizing attempt at civility.

At what point are these assholes going to realize they are not tuned into to watch Boutros Boutros-Ghali make some call for peace at the UN. For those who are still confused please consider that you a literally watching two shirtless gladiators willfully attempt destroy one another. And if you still don’t get it please kindly shut your fucking mouths because you really don’t get it. You assholes are the reason Charlo felt obligated to apologize. A point that anyone who watched this past election cycle should know to be tiresome and invalid. When they say ‘You made us upset’ its only sensible to respond with ‘Fuck You’. Fans, and people more generally want villains. They need someone to hate, no matter how reluctant they are to admit it. In boxing the clearest demonstration of profit from villainy is seen through the career of Mayweather who has generated more money at the cost of remarkably little damage. People tune in for the guy who gives a middle finger when he is called to apologize, not the blubbering beta male that hires a PR team and that holds a press conference to explain away the reason he fucked his secretary.

(On a side note, just look what these assholes did to Tiger Woods)

Charlo may have missed his opportunity to double down, but that’s okay. Hopefully he has recognized the crowds reaction to his apologetic attempts as insincere, and will take them from now on as a call towards weakness. From now on Charlo, double down, and never, ever, apologize.

And if you need a point of reference I recommend you follow the example of the Iron Sheik.

Breaking News: A Guy Who Fights People For A Living Is Not All That Civil


When Dereck Chisora threw a table at Dillian Whyte it was about all that one should have exspected from the self-styled Del Boy. Chisora is nuts, hes proven he’s nuts, and to some degree his being nuts is why he is still getting high profile fights his match-up on Saturday.

This match-up pits the consistently entertaining, yet unsatisfied Chisora against the younger and slightly favored Whyte for WBC International heavyweight title. Chisora to his credit has been in with the elite of the Heavyweight division (Vitali Klitschko, David Haye, Tyson Fury, Kubat Pulev) although in every instance fallen slightly short.

Whyte is still gunning for a rematch against Anthony Joshua, who also fights on Saturday against heavy underdog Eric Molina.

I see it as an even fight that should be interesting in the event that it reaches the later rounds. Should this happen Chisora could potentially have an advantage in that Whyte has never gone beyond the 10th round, which coincidentally was in his last fight.

Prediction/Wishful Thinking: Chisora by late KO.

All said here is the press conference chaos. I recommend watching until the end to enjoy the hilarity of a bookish Brit calmly reasons with Chisora that there was nothing to worry about, they would be able to fight each other tomorrow.

 It should also be known that this was not the first time Chisora lost his shit at a press conference. 

“I’m gonna shoot David Haye. He fuckin’ glassed me.”

Dereck Chisora Vs. David Haye

Richard Spencer and The Lefts Villain Deficit


The post Trump world has exposed a glaring misalignment between the nonsensical worldview which dominates the liberal bubble, against and a predictably complex reality one should expect from a nation of 300 million citizens. To hear liberals tell it, Trump’s election simply affirms everything they already knew, that America is a nation of built upon, and dominated by white supremacy. To be a white person is an indictment that forever links a person to the stained history of slavery and colonialism, a facilitator and beneficiary of oppression, the kin of Klansman who have exchanged their white hoods and robes for a blue uniforms and a badges.

This point should be immediately clear to anyone who has recently stepped foot on a university campus. For those of you who are lost, I recommend you google your favorite colleges policy on safe spaces and trigger warnings. And furthermore if you would like to see this mentality in action look no further than the Yale Halloween costume incident where possibly the most privileged people in human history can be seen throwing temper tantrums at the prospect of someone where anything that could be perceived as insensitive. The professor involved in this confrontation, Nicholas Christakis, was sticking up for his wife Erika who wrote possibly the most benign email ever encouraging students to consider a tempered response in the event they should encounter another individual wearing something they viewed as insensitive. A fatal flaw for both Erika and Nicholas, who no longer work at Yale, as they should have known such an offense as having an opinion, moreover the wrong one, would not survive the offending the sensibilities of the most coddled generation of privilege checking zombies and their fascistic enforcement.

The events at Yale are by no means a singular event. In the past year I have heard an Anthropology professor explain to his class that it would inappropriate to criticize the Islamic practice of female genital mutilation, never mind that aside from its barbarity, the practice also entails a higher vulnerability to the contraction of AIDS in the most affected region of the world. Or my third wave feminist professor of literature who was said their really was no debating the fact that a person’s gender was infinitely amorphous and that it had nothing to do with biological sex. This was a fact.


It is increasingly clear that the Left has villain deficit. Who is this poster supposed to be targeting on a liberal campus, in liberal city, where 80% of the vote went democrat? Where are the white men, in white hoods, burning crosses? And if this is such an issue, and if they are dwelling around this campus, whom should I confront?

I write this a year removed from a four-year stint of service on active duty in US Army, where I served as an armor crewman, or more simply a tanker. The primary mission of the battalion I was assigned concerned weapons and equipment testing through what felt as an endless string of field exercises that typically lasted about two months throughout the vast deserts of New Mexico and west Texas. The soldiers of my company, although all male (as combat arms units tend to be) was about as diverse a collection of people one could imagine. My best friend was a Costa Rican immigrant, my Company First Sergeant was a black Cajun from Louisiana, to dispatch my M1A2 Abrams I had to go through a Specialist who was only 2 years removed from Lagos, Nigeria where all his family still lived. It was about as diverse a collection of people one could imagine, where aside from the usual politically incorrect barbs, identity played no part with regard to discourse. Nobody gave a fuck if you were gay, or Muslim, or used broken English, the only thing that matter was the you fulfilled the obligations before you.

It is my military experience above all that has made my transition back into the civilian world, particularly into the environment of academia all the more confusing, in that almost everything seems driven and reliant on check-mark identity, above the uniqueness of individuality.

Post Mortem On The Election


If you want to understand this mentality, one should look no further than CNN’s election night coverage in which a collection experts who had spent an entire year getting everything wrong, delivered a swan song of nonsense, highlighted by the Van Jones whom reacted with a hilarious display of pathetic bewilderment to the results. What we were witnessing, as he viewed it, could only be described as a “whitelash“. After all, how else could those on the identity driven left comprehend the actions of a nation that twice elected a black president named Barack Hussein Obama. Surely this was the racist core we know motivates the red states in earning their hue.

Enter Richard Spencer and The Alt Right


As someone who enjoys dwelling in the deep and dark excesses of the internet, where Jihadist discuss the most recent edition of Dabiq, or where African supremacist from the Uhuru Movement plan for the impending race war against the white cave dwelling colonizers, I have known of Spencer for sometime which makes his recent spike in coverage rather surprising for above all two reasons.

  1. The depiction by which he has been portrayed is above all entirely inaccurate with regard to how I have come to know him. Not only with regards to what his message seems to be, but also the mode by which he operates. Anyone who is familiar with Spencer will understand what I mean by this, as to watch him talk is not aligned with some Neo Nazi skinhead reminiscent of Edward Norton’s character in American History X. No, Spencer is instead terrifyingly honest and bookish, more akin to some gender studies professor at Oberlin. In fact his approach has even provoked rumors of closeted homosexuality from the more typical neo Nazi crowds one would associate with Swastika tattoos and Skrewdriver albums.
  2. The coverage he has gained is in reality the fulfillment of a goal he actively pursued and explicitly described in a series of obscure and scarcely downloaded podcasts about a year ago. This is to say Spencer explicitly wanted to be covered by the media, and he wanted the media to talk about him exactly the way they have. He wants to bring identity politics to the forefront from a white nationalist perspective and he wants to the media to misrepresent him, which is exactly what they have done by showing him as the guy who he wondered whether or not Jews are people.

The Alt Right, as far as I can tell, demonstrates many parallels to the Black Lives Matter movement, particularly in that it is encompassed by a vast collection of people who subscribe to a variety of opinions and on variety of topics. The Alt Right is also similar to Black Lives Matter in that there really is no clear coherent message or leader. Richard Spencer is like BLM’s Deray McKesson or Shaun King, refuses to claim any position of authority although many people both within the movement or observing the movement identify their respective messages as inspirational.

What separates Spencer from King and McKesson,  and what really is a point of confusion for me as to why the mainstream media has begun to platform him, is that before the election of Trump, Spencer was almost entirely unknown blogging from utter obscurity in Whitefish, Montana. To put this into context, before his twitter was shut down by Mckesson’s sidekick Jack, Spencer had only 15,000 followers. An absolutely miniscule following compared to McKesson’s 619K, and King’s 541K. Furthermore if you wanted to find Spencer on YouTube his platform was confined to no more than 10 videos, often possessing less than 1,000 views, generally recorded in the form of a google hangout with a Scottish member of the Alt Right’s whose channel is titled Millennial Woes.

All of this for me seems to beg the question, why the fuck has the mainstream media given millions of dollar in platform to a totally obscure white nationalist that would have been totally irrelevant had they not elevated his status? For me the answer is simple, they need the villain that fits their narrative regardless to their reality of total unimportance with regards to Trumps election, that was facilitated primarily of formerly democratic blue-collar workers that make up the rust belt.

But this it is not the truth that is important in a post fact world, and as the liberal elites recklessly double down on identity politics, I say this: You may want to reconsider your strategy if it includes platforming a white nationalist, whose previous audience was a dozen or so lonely trolls killing time in their mothers basement.

(A 2015 conversation about the ALT right by its leaders, in which Spencer states his goal to further the movement. This goal has since been fulfilled by the main stream media. Congrats you fucking idiots.)

Keith Ellison, Because Identity Politics Bro


(Ellison finding wisdom from the plagiarized teachings of an illiterate 7th century desert dweller that took sexual concubines and married a 6-year-old.)

It is beyond stupid to elevate Keith Ellison to the position of DNC Chairman. Ellison has had a long relationship with anti-Semitic organizations such as the Nation of Islam and CAIR, and he is himself a Muslim convert. As an Atheist, or otherwise, person living in the 21st century, I  have no respect for a persons religious proclivities, but I can at least understand them when a particular person is born into a particular faith.

With that, I think it is necessary to ask religious people, particularly converts, what convinced them. Nonbelievers seem to be fine about criticizing Christians with regard to their faith, but at the same time have no curiosity concerning Islam, or moreover, Islamic converts whose faith is entirely antithetical to their principals (#ISLAMOPHOBIA). This is particularly troubling in that nonbelievers specifically should be the most curious.

I think that the DNC should look to the UK, and what has happened to the Labour Party in order to avoid similar mistakes

Placing a religious loon like Ellison at the head of the DNC is not just an affront to common sense, its kerosene for the flames of the identity driven narrative the progressive movement seems ready to bask.

And for you leftist here is Alan Dershowitz explaining why Ellison is such a dangerous choice.

Below is expert Bill Warner, who has concluded that 51% of Islamic Doctrine concerns non believers, or the Kafir.

Paul Williams Vs. Sergio Martinez 1 (Happy Anniversary)


This is a that fight anyone who cares anything about anything should watch. Both of these guys were ducked, at least to some extent by Mayweather in their coinciding primes. Obviously Money paid out and we received exhilarating fight such as the one vs. Berto which was worth every dollar.

This fight also includes a beautiful call by the late and great Emmanuel Stewart who was looking for the most professional way to say, “Paul Williams Still in this fight cuz he ghetto”.




Eduard Troyanovsky Vs. Julius Indongo

nambi     flag-namibia-xl


Julius Indongo is a 2008 Bronze medalist from Windhoek, Namibia. Windhoek is the capital of Namibia, originally established by the German Imperial Army during the colonial times. There are 12 officially recognized languages dispersed among 10 officially recognized ethnic groups in the country of Namibia, all of which have agreed that after Saturday’s fight Julius Indongo truly knocked the fuck out of Eduard Troyanovsky.


Ed Brown (November 10 1991 – December 4 2016)


In Chicago there seems to be a remarkable capacity for violence. The violence I knew of Ed Brown was in the ring, and he was spectacular about dishing it. One can easily imagine how immortal it would feel to possess such equalizing capability at the fist. I feel for the city of Chicago, and the cycle of violence that has now made Ed Brown statistic.


Ed Brown vs. Bryan Abraham

A Lucky Decision Invites a Dangerous Proposition For Andre Ward.

Last Saturday Andre Ward won a unanimous decision over Sergey Kovalev, with all three judges scoring the bout 114-113. This result puts Ward in a precarious position as it begs for an immediate rematch against an opponent nobody fight twice.

Prior to the fight most ringside observers had it as a competitive match up which Ward would likely win through superior ring generalship and technique, the only potential equalizer being Kovalev’s world class power.

But from the opening bell the larger and more powerful Kovalev asserted a domineering presence never seen before in a professional ring that included Ward. I can scarcely recall individual rounds which Ward has given up since he entered the Super Six Boxing Championship; maybe enough to fit on one hand between Mikkel Kessler, Sakio Bika and Carl Froch combined. All which made the first half of the fight (I scored it a Kovalev sweep through round 6) particularly surprising. This domination was highlighted by a second round knockdown, which painted Wards face with the look that seemed to indicate he knew he was in with something special.

Following the knockdown Ward did battle back valiantly. First through the roughhouse tactics of tackling Kovalev in round three, and then later by seeming to win a series of rounds between 7-10. And although he still did not do enough in my opinion to win the fight, he demonstrated the best of what is uniquely inspirational about boxing, in its ability to show tremendous resolve in the face of adversary.

Also credit is due to Virgil Hunter, who I thought did a fantastic job keeping Ward focused while reaffirming his confidence. Particularly after the knockdown in which he seemed to encourage Ward to stand up to his bully, and prior to the 12th and final round in which he gave an impassioned speech that seemed to demonstrate the unique bond the two share.  

That said Ward did not deserve the decision. A point that the punch stats, most observers, and the crowd of booing “witnesses”, as Kovalev referred to them seemed to agree upon.

All said Kovalev is not a guy who people should fight twice (if at all), just ask Jean Pascal. I would have said ask Roman Simakov, but you can’t because Kovalev killed him. Yes, you read that right, Sergey Kovalev has killed at least one person that we know of, and he did it with twelve ounce gloves on in a legally sanctioned event. A point that seems to have had little effect on Kovalev’s killer instinct.

In the end I would encourage Andre Ward to take a long vacation in the time being. And when he returns he should think long and hard before getting back in the ring with Sergey Kovalev.